An amazing YouTuber is challenging makeup artists to only use black owned cosmetics brands in their tutorials

Jackie Aina, a talented, funny, popular makeup artist on YouTube with around 800,000 subscribers, is using her platform to diversify the makeup community and strengthen black business. She is challenging non-black YouTubers to incorporate black owned cosmetics into their tutorials.

Aina, a black woman, began her gorgeous tutorial video explaining the BOMB Challenge that has been sweeping across social media. As Aina explains, BOMB is an acronym for “Black Owned Makeup Brands,” and the challenge asks YouTube beauty gurus to create looks only using cosmetics produced by black businesses.

And the results of the challenge are gorgeous. Take a look at makeup artist, Alissa Ashley:

But in her video, Aina is taking the challenge one step further by asking non-black makeup influencers to participate — while simultaneously calling out racism in the YouTube community.

“I think it’s important that black people are not just the only people supporting these brands, as well as these YouTubers. These amazing brands should be just as mainstream as other brands — just the same way I feel that black YouTubers should be just as mainstream as other YouTubers. But unfortunately, that’s not the case — especially when your skin is a certain color.”

Aina is also quick to point out the ridiculousness of people feeling hesitant to use black owned makeup brands, but who are quick to wear neon lipsticks. She says, “If you can slather on a hundred different highlighters… or a hundred different lipsticks, I don’t really see how farfetched it is to ask someone who is not black to support black beauty brands.” Aina also mentions that just because you can’t, for example, use a brand’s foundation shades — that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase other products from the same cosmetic line, as they provide to diverse consumers.

At the start of her video, Aina says the #BlackLivesMatter movement inspired her to use her platform to contribute to social justice.

The description below her video features an incredible list of black owned makeup businesses — so tag your fave YouTube beauty gurus in the challenge and get shopping yourself!

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