YouTube workouts to help you combat those winter blues

During the holidays, it feels like everyone and their mother is encouraging us to exercise. “Work off that pumpkin pie!” “Look great for the New Year!” “Bikini season is only four months away!” Sound familiar?

But working out isn’t just beneficial to our physical health – it’s super important for maintaining mental health.

I know, I know, I hate to sweat, too. But here is a list of YouTube workout videos that are healing, fun, and – best of all – free! Worse comes to worst, you can just press play and take a nap on your yoga mat.

1. Yoga for the Winter Blues – Yoga with Adriene Adriene is equal parts yoga-master and B.F.F. Though all of her videos are amazing, this one will help you remember to breathe.

2. Kickboxing Interval Workout – Fitness Blender If you’re less into stretching and more into punching, this routine will make you feel less Sadness from Inside Out and more Jessica Jones … from Jessica Jones.

3. Totally Awesome Aerobics Workout – POPSUGAR Fitness Do this quick but high-energy routine in a sweatband or your sweatpants – no judgment when you’re feeling the burn in the privacy of your own apartment.

4. Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout with Jane Fonda – BeFit Speaking of awesome 80’s workouts, this one is hosted by total babe 4ever Jane Fonda. Channel her energy and your spirits will soar.

5. “Call Me Maybe” Squat Challenge – Blogilates This video is less than five minutes long, but it will leave you feeling totally accomplished (and, yes, a little sore). My favorite part is when Cassey talks about her nail polish to distract you from how hard the workout is!

BONUS: Dogilates K-90-X – Blogilates For the days when you just need puppies. Puppies always do the trick.

(Images via YouTube and MGM.)

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