Here’s why we’re making space on our phones for YouTube Music

Even though it seems like we have endless ways to listen to music, finding new music still somehow feels incredibly difficult. You find a few artists you like, put them on regular rotation, and the next thing you know you’ve memorized every song but once again find yourself without anything new. But YouTube is looking to change that, with their newly launched YouTube Music. Trust us, you’ll want to download this app.

The idea behind YouTube Music is simple, and likely familiar for anyone who uses radio stations on Apple or Google Music. You select a song, and the app builds a playlist automatically. It’ll include regular tracks, as well as fan made videos and live versions, all drawn from a collection of 30 million songs.

Here’s the catch: You can’t control what goes into the playlist. Instead of letting you tweak and change it, YouTube Music is all about showing you new tracks you might not have heard before, and helping you discover your new faves. Basically it sounds kinda like having an amazing music-loving bestie constantly recommending new songs to you.

There are ads, although YouTube Red subscribers get their tracks ad-free and with an audio-only option, rather than the video-driven ads free users will find. It’s available now for Android and iOS.

What are you waiting for! You have new music to find.

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