YouTube movies are coming — YES!

YouTube has already proven itself to be an awesome platform for short, casual videos, like the makeup tutorials you put on in the background while you get dressed or the cat videos you watch instead of doing AP homework. Now, YouTube is partnering with AwesomenessTV to make FULL. LENGTH. MOVIES. Get ready to have a whole new set of obsessions and a whole lot more to save to your “Watch Later” list!

AwesomenessTV, formerly a channel on YouTube, now a whole network of channels owned by DreamWorks, has been producing popular videos for a whileBut you probably knew that already, seeing as AwesomenessTV has over 7 billion total views, and that’s not even getting into all the followers each individual AwesomenessTV star has. The AwesomenessTV and YouTube partnership is planning to start releasing films as soon as fall of this year!

They’re also planning some more expanded shows with their regular roster of fresh-faced stars, too. Prank vs Prank will start adding cool celebrity guests (here’s hoping for a Chris Evans appearance), and Joey Graceffa will be hosting a “murder mystery reality series.” What does that mean? I don’t know, but I like it.  Brian Robbins, CEO and founder of AwesomenessTV, seems pretty confident that it’s all gonna rock, saying, “We will turn YouTube stars into movie stars.”

YouTube has already proven itself as a launching ground for videos and creators to make the jump from page views to big screen. Some of our current fave shows are run by former YouTubers! Broad City started as low-budget sketches, and now it’s a super successful series about 20-somethings who don’t have it together. Grace Helbig, our adorably awkward imaginary best friend, has her own tv show on E! And that’s just working within the structure of television-land as it is now. Now that there will be movies and more shows produced specifically for YouTube, we bet that a whole new legion of creative shows and heart-pounding stories will be on the small screen, busting up genres and maybe even inventing new ways to tell stories.

It’ll be super cool to see what kinds of movies and shows the partnership creates. AwesomenessTV’s whole thing is letting creative and amazing people do their thing and do it well, which has worked out pretty darn well. It’s a totally smart move to give some of their most popular stars an even bigger platform to shine.

I’m still crossing my fingers for Maru the Cat to get his own show.

Do any HelloGigglers out there have their own YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments below!

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