Meet YouTube’s youngest makeup guru (she’s 4)

Meet Nashla Kieu, the newest (and tiniest) beauty sensation on YouTube. At four years old, Kieu swiped her mom’s makeup (and her phone!) and, as People reports, recorded the most hilarious of YouTube makeup tutorials.

Now, if this was a “Toddlers and Tiaras” preschooler-taking-makeup-way-too-seriously moment, we’d be a little concerned. Watching this video, though, it’s clear that this is a 100% play for this little girl. Kieu might not always know the words for things like “powder” or “eyeshadow,” but she’s pretty confident that everything is “four dollars.” She’s also a big proponent of purple eyeshadow (above AND below the eyes), glitter on the eyebrows (and everywhere else on her face), and wildly original brush techniques. Also, her “vanity” includes a Disney princess chair. For real, we WISH we had this much fun getting ready in the morning.

As her aunt, who originally posted the video on Youtube says, watch out makeup academies, because the “new kid on the street is a beast.” We agree, the most adorable and hilarious beauty beast we have ever seen.

Okay, video time!

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