These awesome YouTube feminists are changing the game

Issues within the YouTube community flared up about eight months ago when the first of what became many accusations against male YouTubers came out on Tumblr. Now, with the recent scandal with Sam Pepper fresh on our minds, it’s natural to feel uneasy about the state of a community that’s supposed to be about creativity and acceptance. A quick synopsis if you haven’t kept up with the upsetting news: Sam Pepper, a popular YouTube personality, has been accused of sexual harassment. Six women have come forth and shared incredibly inappropriate conversations they had with Pepper and moments during their dates with him where they felt that he was going too far. Even though some women have provided evidence of his completely gross, unforgivable behavior, he denies all accusations thus far.

However, there is GOOD NEWS! Tables are turning, and many prominent YouTube feminists are taking a stand, working to keep the community fun and safe. Here are a few to check out:

1. Laci Green

From transgender issues to sex with disabilities, Laci makes informative, sex-positive videos while combatting and addressing controversy within YouTube culture.

2. Charlieissocoollike

Former roommate and friend of one of YouTube’s accused content creators, Charlie has come forward to condemn the actions of the perpetrators in the community and to spread valuable information to his audience. You can read his blog post on the situation here.

3. ChescaLeigh

Chesca has always openly discussed issues of race and sexuality on her channel, however her recent statements have truly called attention to how problems with race on YouTube are consistently backburner-ed in favor of white, mainstream feminism issues.

4. HaleyGHoover

Previously one of the Five Awesome Girls, Haley now makes videos solo. While her content is a little bit of everything, she has always made a point of speaking out against problems in society (such as catcalling, broccoli, and sexism) and in the YouTube community.

5. Hank Green

One half of the prominent Vlogbrothers duo, Hank Green, is creator of VidCon and therefore finds himself at the heart of questions tackling race, sexuality and YouTube culture. Will these perpetrators be welcome at the next VidCon? Hank has some choice words.

We fiercely love and support these YouTube vloggers, because not only is their presence inspiring, but it brings balance to the chaotic, sometimes nasty world that is YouTube. Keep doing what you’re doing, guys!

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