This is what 3 YouTube beauty gurus are like IRL

We *love* watching YouTube beauty tutorials to learn all about chroming, contouring, non-touring and baking our makeup (OK, still not totally sure what that one is). Almost as fun as the beauty tips are the hella entertaining beauty gurus teaching us their skills.

So we were fascinated by this thread in about YouTube beauty gurus IRL — in some cases, when they were learning their craft as makeup artists (MUA) before they were famous.

While there were a few negative stories (probably similar to anyone’s experience with a MUA, to be honest), here are three folks who sound super-sweet and talented IRL as well as on the interwebs:

Patrick Starrr

Reddit user seeyourchic ending up hiring a MUA who had Patrick Starr an assistant — before he was YouTube-famous, that is — and said he was “super professional” and “did a great job.”

Jaclyn Hill

urmidnightdream’s lucky friend got Jaclyn Hill to do her prom makeup for her!


We’re big fans of NikkieTutorials videos here at HelloGiggles and sounds like she’s a lovely person IRL, as well, according to prinsesss:

Have you ever worked with YouTube beauty guru IRL? Let us know in the comments!

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