“You’re the Worst’s” Aya Cash has a refreshing outlook on personal style and we are SO here for it

Aya Cash loves wearing styles usually reserved for tweens. And you know what? We’re into it.

It seems like we’re always hearing style “rules” (like, who decided we can’t wear white after Labor Day? ‘Cause pretty sure it’s the day after and my new white top is still cute), but here’s the thing: Personal style should be just that — personal. We sort of love the actress for understanding and embracing this.

Cash, who stars as Gretchen on You’re The Worst, recently opened up about her style preferences. One look at her Instagram feed will tell ya: Girl loves a good onesie. But she also has a sharp, individualistic approach to personal style, and she’s not afraid to discuss it.

“I tend to like a lot of things that could also be on 12-year-olds,” Cash told Racked. “I have actually shopped at a kids store. I’m only 5’2”so I can fit into those things.”

YAS, honey. Who says a 34-year-old woman can’t keep shopping those kids’ sections? Their stuff is cheap and ADORBS. Ultimately, we all look our best when we wear the things that make us happy, and Cash’s happiness is on full display when she rocks her signature overalls. Need proof? See below.

Cash does classic denim overalls


Short overalls are cute AF.


Cash dresses “like her true self”


Overalls + ankle boots = YAS.


Aya, we salute you and your flawless style.

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