If you’re still PO’ed about not getting your Hogwarts letter, this wallet is the next best thing

For most of us, turning twelve was difficult, if only because it meant we would neverbe receiving our letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was released in 1997, reading the Harry Potter series is a rite of passage, and most fans never truly outgrow our love for Harry Potter.

For all of us still wishing we got our Hogwarts letters, Think Geek has the perfect new wallet for us. That’s right, the geniuses at ThinkGeek have created a Hogwarts acceptance letter wallet, and it may be the most magical thing we’ve ever seen.

Seriously, whoever thought of this is the most brilliant witch or wizard on the planet.

The zipped wallet, which costs a reasonable $29.99, is designed to look like the envelope sent to Harry in The Sorcerer’s Stone. On one side, the letter is addressed to Mr. H. Potter, while the other features the Hogwarts coat of arms and wax seal. Hopefully you’ll have an easier time snagging the wallet than Harry did trying to get a copy of his acceptance letter.

The wallet is not only perfect for storing muggle money of any currency, it also features a zipped coin purse, so any galleons, sickles, or knuts you may have lying around can be kept safe. Think Geek is always coming out with products that not only feature some of our favorite movies and books, they’re seriously high-quality as well.

We can’t wait to order the Hogwarts wallet, although unfortunately, it won’t be delivered via owl post.

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