If you’re refrigerating these foods, you’re doing it all wrong

Let’s be honest: The fridge is one of the best inventions ever, second probably only to the Internet. It extends the life of your food. It keeps things cold and protected. It’s there for you when you need a midnight snack.

However, it can also easily become an over-abused storage unit and food cemetery. It’s where leftovers and way too many heads of lettuce go to die. An easy way to prevent this is to actually know what you’re supposed to be putting in the fridge.

Dan Souza, America’s Test Kitchen chef and food science expert, say the list of things we put in the fridge that we’re not supposed to is basically endless. “That list is pretty long,” he told Tech Insider. “Storing at the right temperature is important.” He did mention the two foods that immediately came to mind: bread and alliums.


We all know what bread is, but alliums are a catch-all category for onions, shallots, garlic, leeks, and chives. Apparently, the humidity of your fridge can make these items go mushy, especially if you’re having temperature issues with your fridge.


As far as bread goes, Souza noted that people “think that it’s going to go stale or dry out,” and said that sticking bread in the fridge “can actually make the bread go bad faster.”

Excuse me while I go clean out my fridge.