‘Bloodline’ is your next binge-worthy obsession, FYI

Netflix, you beautiful, beautiful content creator and time-wasting monster. First it was House of Cards, then it was Orange is The New Black, after that it was the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, now your instant dump-em-all-at-once model continues to make us all master procrastinators with our newest addiction, Bloodline.

So what’s Bloodlines’ deal? Well, aside from the fact that it was just renewed for a second season, the show follows members of the prominent Rayburn family, owners of a small Islamorada hotel and big-time Florida Keys community influencers. It starts as the family is gathering for a celebration honoring the Rayburn patriarch when the black sheep of the family (who also happens to have a very questionable past), Danny, shows up on the family’s property. Soon, some big-time secrets are revealed and some serious family DRAMA ensues. Also, I repeat, it takes place in the Keys which are unbelievably gorg. If you’re still not convinced to watch? Here are some more reasons why you should check it out.

Binge on, Gigglers, binge on.

The cast is prime

Friday Night Light’s Kyle Chandler is back, except instead of playing everyone’s favorite Texas high school football coach, he’s playing a detective and caretaker of the whole family. So no, he isn’t married to Connie Britton in this one, people, but you get over it I promise! He’s very convincing as the Rayburn family’s voice of reason and second brother, John. He also does the show’s ominous (and somehow sexy?) voiceovers that will keep you straight-up enticed. In addition to Chandler, Chloë Sevigny (bless) lends her talents along with Freaks and Geeks’ alum Linda Cardellini (again, bless). Sissy Spacek plays the family’s well-loved mother, and Ben Mendelson kicks some serious butt as the creepy and manipulative (is he good or is he evil?) Danny Rayburn. Honestly, the fact that Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini have starring roles should be enough. 

The Florida Keys

The show is not just set in the Keys it’s filmed there too, meaning the scenes and settings are out-of-this-world beautiful despite all under-the-rug, hush-hush, serious drama that’s goes down. Expect sparkling ocean water. Expect paradise-like backgrounds. But also expect some spine-tingling scenes in mangroves.

It’s just plain good

This is straight-up quality entertainment, and who are we to deny ourselves quality entertainment?? Give it a little time but when you get through the slow beginning, the acting is amazeballs, the storyline is on point, and there are cliffhangers to keep you on edge in practically every episode. So stop, just stop everything you’re doing right now, and lose yourself in the first episode and then the next episode, and then the one right after because, well, Netflix.

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