Your side of guac could get way more expensive (than it already is)

This isn’t great news for our fellow Chipotle lovers — guacamole may get really expensive if the government decides to tax goods imported from Mexico.

President Trump has brought up the possibility of a 20% tax on the price of imported Mexican goods, which will affect several of the ingredients that Chipotle uses for its delicious bowls and burritos.

It probably never occurs to any of us when we’re telling servers to pile on the extra salsa and yes, please charge us extra because we NEED the guac, but 93% of Hass avocadoes and 71% of tomatoes used in the U.S. are shipped from Mexico.

If the import tax happens, Chipotle will basically have to choose from the lesser of two evils: raise the prices or deal with the effect the tax will inevitably have on profits.

Looks like we’ll need to treasure our semi-affordable guac while it lasts.

That may or may not mean having Chipotle every day for the next two weeks and demanding guac every time. Totally your decision.

Lucky for you, the guacamole gods have smiled on all of us this month — take five minutes to play this fun guacamole game and Chipotle will text you a code to redeem free chips and guac.

It’s all about those silver linings! Oh, and free food.