How to throw your own ‘Friends’ festival

We’re all currently kicking ourselves that we can’t fly to London like now to go to FriendsFest, an all-things-Friends party that Comedy Central is throwing in the U.K. But don’t despair if you can’t make it. Gather the gang together and throw your own instead!

Two decaes ago ago, six amazing characters and one cafe were introduced onto our screens and into our lives. Since then we’ve been glued to our screens following the ups and downs of their enviable New York life. Through its 10 year run following the gang’s triumphs and failures, we’ve fallen in love with Monica’s apartment, copied the “Rachel” and longed to sit on the Central Perk sofa. Quoting the show is a part of normal life, and anyone who says they haven’t seen it is sure to be shunned; let’s face it, for anyone who grew up watching the show, Friends is a huge part of who we are. So let’s celebrate, with the ultimate Friends party.

Make some appropriate Friends decor

Include copious amounts of cups and ice, obviously! Make party hats and from cups and create garlands by threading string through them.

Friends Fest’s main attraction is their replica of Monica’s apartment. And, yes, we’re jealous. But you can bring a little bit of Monica to you. Bring aspects of it into your home such as the famous gold frame, mismatched chairs and the Jouets poster by using this fantastic guide.

Listen to all the Friends music

Set the mood with this great Spotify playlist featuring every single song to appear on Friends – as an added bonus you could hold a competition for who can name the episode each song is from!

Don’t forget the food

Bring some Central Perk to your party by serving coffee and muffins.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Monica in the kitchen feel free to go all out on a ‘Friendsgiving’ feast serving Turkey, 3 kinds of potatoes and Rachel’s half English trifle half cottage pie.

Add in some cocktails

Channel New York chic by serving themed cocktails such as the Manhattan or The Big Apple… but if you don’t have time, Joey and Chandler would definitely approve of some cold Budweisers instead!

Don’t forget party games!

Grab a Foosball table—the Joey and Chandler of your gang are going to want to play this.

Or how about Smelly Cat karaoke? You can give a prize to the best rendition of Smelly Cat! Here are the lyrics, and if you have a budding Phoebe in your gang the guitar chords are here.

And, of course, no Friends themed party is complete without the show playing in the background. If you can’t decide which ones to pick here’s a great list of the most important friends episodes, and they’re all available on Netflix!

Have fun! Remember: we’ll be there for you. ‘Cause you’re there for us too.

Becky Snowden lives in Yorkshire (the greatest place in the world!) with her girlfriend and a full fridge of Diet Coke. When she isn’t watching Netflix, playing video games or writing blog posts, Becky has a full time marketing job in the interiors industry.

[Image via NBC]

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