Your New Obsession Will Be “My Favorite Mistake”

Oh, mysterious, rebellious, fictional “bad boys,” why are you so impossible to resist? I hate hate hate that I’m a sucker for these kinds of characters, but here I am, sitting here finishing up My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea Cameron and daydreaming about this Hunter Zaccadelli fellow in all of his messed up, complicated glory. Did I mention that I started this book this morning? Yeah. Haven’t been able to put it down. Good news though, we’re giving away 10 FREE, SIGNED copies of this addicting read and you could win by entering below!

So, back to Hunter. Guitar-toting, tattooed Hunter shows up at his new college apartment and learns that he’s going to be living with three women. He’ll also be sharing a room with one of them. His roommate, Taylor, is immediately furious about having to share a bedroom with such an obvious playboy. She sees him as nothing more than a douchebag that knows just how good looking he is. She ends up punching him in the face and kicking him in the junk within hours of him moving in. Off to a good start!

Some of the best fictional couples in history have been with a charming bad boy and an innocent girl that doesn’t put up with his crap. Brenda and Dylan from 90210, Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls, Sookie and Bill! I could go on for days because it’s certainly a dynamic that seems to work.

In order to survive their current living situation, Hunter makes a deal with Taylor. He won’t leave until she can convince him that she either truly hates him or has fallen in love with him. The punch and the kick aren’t enough to prove it. He has to really believe that she hates him and wants nothing to do with him. From there, a friendly banter between them begins. She keeps her walls up and he playfully makes his interest known. But they both have some serious baggage. Secrets that nobody else knows. Secrets that have kept them from getting into serious relationships. Secrets that they won’t even share with their closest friends. When their friendship starts to become something stronger, their dark pasts make their way into the present and could destroy them.

Guys, these dark pasts are so tragic and intense and I was barely able to breathe when I learned what they were. You’re going to be hooked the moment you start reading. I just know it.

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