This survey proves that your grandparents understand emojis more than you might think

For how often young people make fun of our elders for the way they use technology, it turns out that most older folks totally understand emoji-speak.

According to a survey of 500 “retirement age” individuals, more than 86 percent of participants had used emojis while texting. For the most part, study participants used emojis correctly and recognized their intended meaning.

“One of the most recognized emojis by our respondents was the ‘Hands Praying,’” the study claims. “Almost 90 percent identified this emoji correctly, yet nearly 10 percent thought this emoji represented a high-five.”

The most misunderstandings seemed to occur when emojis served as innuendos for other things. For example, the peach emoji ? is often used to represent a butt, but 35 percent of respondents thought it was just a fruit (and, like, they’re not wrong), and 42 percent thought it meant “feeling peachy.”

Similarly, most of the participants did not make the connection between the eggplant emoji ? and a certain part of the male anatomy, with 69 percent thinking it was just about vegetables.

Overall, however, it seems like your grandparents’ texting skills are actually ?.