Your favorite tampon brand wants to banish your cramps, naturally

We could make a mile-long list of all the things women really need when they’re enduring that dreaded monthly visit from Aunt Flo: chocolate, sad movies, teddy bears, chocolate, tampons, chocolate, sweatpants, chocolate, Kleenex, chocolate…you get the picture.

But let’s be real — there’s one thing we love above all else: something that’ll help us ease those awful cramps. That’s why we’re so into what Lola is up to right now. The brand, best known for its lineup of tampons, pads, and liners, created a Cramp Care suite. This is the brand’s first category expansion outside of tampons, pads, and liners, and we are here for it!

The Cramp Care suite includes two easy-to-use, on-the-go products: a daily supplement ($18 a bottle) and a roll-on essential oil blend ($28). They are formulated to help women confront menstrual cramps head-on and relieve the pain in a proactive and more natural way.

The supplement is packed with vitamins and minerals that are proven to cut cramping and help rebuild those red blood cells, while the oil blend has ingredients like chamomile and geranium to help you relax, and capsaicin to help ease your pain.

And while your Midol-and-heating-pad combo can help, they don’t always get the whole job done. But when you add the brand’s newest offerings into the mix? Well, you just might have a prayer where beating those pesky pains is concerned.


Both sound like unexpected ways to crush cramps, but hey, we’ll literally try anything. And since we’ve yet to find something that really does the trick, we’d say these both sound like pretty great options.

Will you be giving either of these products a try? We think they’d pair pretty well all that chocolate…


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