Your fave comfy hoodie is getting an edgy makeover

Cozy girls know there is no greater wardrobe staple than a hoodie. Under a moto jacket, with a pleated metallic midi, or with sweats and a statement coat a la Kim Kardashian, there’s no wrong way to wear the beloved sweatshirt style.

Athleisure purists would argue that a classic hoodie needs nothing. We actually agreed with them until we saw creations made by Hannah Jewett. Instead of a drawstring, Hannah places strands of jewelry in her hoodies.

We. are. obsessed.

You can currently inquire about the hoodies via Hannah’s Instagram. According to Refinery 29, the prices range from $85 to $125. She will also be launching a new shoppable site next week, which we hope will include her jewelry and creative home accessories as well.

We know what you’re thinking and yes, the chains are detachable so you can wash your hoodie as you normally would.

We can’t wait to visit the new shoppable and hopefully get our hands on some gorg minimal jewelry!

Some cool vases!

And, every single style of the chain hoody.

Follow Hannah’s IG for updates on the online shop.

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