Your cute selfie can help save the bees with Burt’s Bees newest campaign

If you were already striking a pose for a gratuitous selfie (or a petty selfie to show your ex how happy you are without them), you might want to pause and put some flowers on it. Wait, why?! Well, the newest Burt’s Bees campaign is counting on your selfies to save the bees.

For the new Bring Back The Bees campaign, the company is urging followers to pose for a selfie through their #SelflessSelfie photobooth on the website, then post it to Instagram with the hashtag #SelflessSelfie. For each selfie posted (and hashtagged), Burt’s Bees plants 5,000 flower seeds to help nourish the bees.

Plus, each selfie is posted in a picture frame featuring an abundance of flowers, so you look a blooming spring flower yourself.

Basically, they’re giving us a chance to feel benevolent about our selfies, while they create a chance to give back to the bees.

Here’s Troian Bellisario getting in on the selfie fun:

This is symbiosis at its finest, or at least, a positive symbiosis. It definitely helps that the selfie frame itself is cute.

Their ultimate goal is to plant 2 billion wildflowers, but we believe the unbridled selfies of the internet can do MORE!

Are you ready to strike a pose for the sake of the rapidly dying bees?