Meet the world’s youngest (and cutest) action star

Afraid to go back in the water? HA! For our new favorite action star, he’s been there, done that. But then again, his danger isn’t found in shark-infested waters, but rather a shark-infested living room. Nobody ever said that sharks can’t attack your living room sofa.

Meet James. He’s super brave, daring, and courageous. His day job is being a 4 year old. In his spare time, he’s Action Movie Kid. This is all thanks to his awesome dad, DreamWorks animator Daniel Hashimoto, who frequently transports James from everyday life, into crazy sequences where he’s got to save the day. As his dad writes on Action Movie Kid’s YouTube page, James, “gets into some epic situations which remind me that life is an adventure.”

In his latest outing, James finds himself sitting on the living-room couch, when suddenly a shark attacks! Hashimoto has edited out the living room floor, and replaced it with a roaring sea, and one nasty shark. Since James is, you know, 4, he doesn’t have any sort of harpoon to keep the shark back. But he does have some couch pillows, which he uses to keep the shark at bay.

And he’s gotta keep the shark away, because there’s a baby floating out on the living-room sea in a laundry basket.

Will James be able to save the day?? You’ve gotta check out his latest adventure below.

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[Image via YouTube]