Watch Ryan Gosling break it DOWN with sweet dance moves in this video from 1992

Thank you Internet for digging up this this gem. Just when I thought nothing could top watching Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake sing Jodeci’s ‘Cry For You’ this video came along and changed the game. In 1992, dressed in his finest silky Hammer pants, a young Ryan Gosling and company hit the stage delivering fly dance moves to House music. Even from this grainy video (this had to be from a VHS tape) you can see who the superstar is and spot that classic Ryan Gosling devilish grin.

Watch as a pre Micky Mouse Club Ryan busts a move and shows off his fancy footwork in the one video you have to watch today:

Ryan Gosling even gives John Stamos a run for his money with his ‘Hound Dog’ that includes Elvis Presley inspired moves:

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