The Young Han Solo movie just released a new picture, and it looks like “Back to the Future”

While we might have just gotten a brand new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, another one is already on the horizon: The Young Han Solo movie. The movie, which is really just called “Solo,” opens in a mere 144 days. Amazing, right? The more Star Wars movies the better, and this one is another stand-alone film, just like Rogue One. And though we don’t have a single poster for the movie, or let alone a trailer, we do have a few pictures. Ron Howard just shared another one to Twitter, and it’s a great way to start off the new year.

And wherever Han Solo and Chewbacca are going they might not need roads — because they’ll be flying around in the Millennium Falcon, obviously. Or maybe…not quite yet. This latest picture doesn’t show the Falcon, but rather some other speeder and it doesn’t look like any sort of cockpit we’ve seen before. It actually looks more like Back to the Future’s DeLorean, with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos and trackers in the front seat.

Might Han start traveling at 88 MPH, rather than trying to 12 parsecs back and forth across the galaxy?

The picture shows someone behind the wheel of the vehicle, but it’s 100% impossible to tell if it’s Han (Alden Ehrenreich) or not. We only see this gentleman’s hands, and they’re wearing gloves — have we ever seen Han wear gloves? Is Han the kind of scoundrel who would wear driving gloves? Uh, not really. (Edit: The internet has informed me I’m wrong about this, that Han does wear gloves, and listen, we all make mistakes. But no, Han is not the kind of person who would wear driving gloves. Working-on-the-Falcon-gloves, sure. But not driving, which we see him doing here.)

Also, the driver’s pants don’t look like Han Solo’s usual garb of a vest and v-neck. The pants are speckled with white (and it kinda looks like white paint??) so this could just be a crew member. Or it really is Han, and we’re about to see a brand new, younger side to him. One where he wears cool hipster pants and driving gloves…?

We’ll find out when Solo blasts into theaters on May 25th, 2018.