This young grizzly bear splashing in a river is ready for her closeup, and the video is too cute

Ever wanted to see what a grizzly bear taking a selfie might look like? Look no further.

A young female grizzly came across a floating GoPro camera in a stream in southern British Columbia, according to National Geographic. Instead of ignoring or avoiding the camera like the other bears, she swam right up to it.

The videographer wanted to film grizzlies fishing without disturbing them with human presence. To do that, he fashioned two GoPros together on a makeshift flotation device and left it in the pool of water.

“The idea was to film bears diving for fish in two-meter deep pools,” Newsflare member kitchinsink, who uploaded the video, wrote. “If I was in the pool they wouldn’t come and dive, so I needed a camera that would float inconspicuously!”

According to NatGeo,  naturally curious young bears often destroy cameras they come across in the wild. We’re glad this camera survived to give us our daily dose of cute!