You’ll be makin’ waves this Halloween with these DIY mermaid pumpkins

Turn your Halloween night into something magical with these DIY mermaid pumpkins! They’re fin-tastic to place on any table, desk, or even your front porch to welcome in your fellow Halloween-ers. No need to dress as a mermaid when you can decorate your pumpkin like one.

Mermaids and Halloween just sound so right to us.

These enchanting pumpkins start with just regular craft pumpkins. You can spray paint your pumpkin with your favorite underwater colors. Make each pumpkin stand out with different sequins, designs, and tons of glitter. These mermaid pumpkins will be your new pearly obsession this October.

Watch the video below to see how to create these DIY mermaid pumpkins, and just keep swimming:

Mermaid Pumpkins


Pumpkin (real or faux)
Fish scale stencil
Painter’s tape
Spray paint
Decorative items (faux flowers, shells, stick-on pearls, etc.)

1. Spray paint the pumpkin. Allow to dry. You mat want to do 2 coats for an even color all around.
2. Secure the fish scale stencil to the pumpkin with painter’s tape. Spray paint over the stencil. Try to face the stencil from the same angle so the edges are as crisp as possible. Allow to dry. Place the stencil again to make more fish scales, lining it up with the ones you have already painted.
3. Decorate the pumpkin as you desire. Apply glue and glitter to the stem. Glue faux flowers and/or shells to the top. Attach stick-on flat-back pearls or rhinestones.

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