You’ll crack up over this story of a young boy who proposed to his classmate

Ah, young love. While it often never turns into anything but a good story, two young children from the U.K. are already making news with their tale. It seems like Tommy had a crush on his classmate Millie, and decided to propose — with a ring he happened to find in his Mom’s room.

This is one of the few occasions where theft is pretty darn adorable. Tommy, reportedly just 4-years-old, brought the ring to school and had his big moment. Surely it was quite magical, even though we’re sure that Tommy’s Mom wasn’t too thrilled.

Not only does she have to deal with having to share her son with another lady, but she’ll be combining families with a little less sparkle on her fingers.

The Father-of-the-Bride shares the story of the proposal in this fantastic video:

We’re absolutely loving Millie’s Mom cracking up in the background!

No matter what, Millie looks like she’s beaming. It’s almost like Tommy totally knew her taste in rings. (But seriously, good job Millie for not losing it between the schoolyard and home!)


We’re guessing that Tommy’s Mom has been reunited with the ring. Hopefully she didn’t even realize it was missing in the first place!

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