You won’t believe how much these new Lululemon leggings cost

There are few brands that manage to contradict their own values as blatantly as the activewear mavericks at Lululemon. On one hand, the brand offers a wide variety of comfortable and trendy athleticwear for those looking to stay in shape without resorting to loose pajama shirts and basketball shorts. On the other hand, the brand ironically espouses ideals of centeredness and shedding the stress trappings of a work week all while charging piles of cash. In theory, shouldn’t yoga pants be affordable, as yoga is about meditation and simplifying your life?!

In keeping with their brand’s mission of producing cute but unaffordable pieces, a recent article from WWD reports that the Lululemon Lab store in New York just released The Reflective Splatter Capsule which includes four categories: hot shorts, racer-back tanks, tights, and sports bras. All the items from the capsule will be available on the Lululemon website.

This new line includes tights that cost $298, a fact which raised our blood pressure so much we need to do some yoga.

We hope they duly apologize to all the mountains exploited on their Instagram, for the spiritual abomination of creating $300 leggings.

We understand the Lab Concept involves artful experimentation, but is it really $300 leggings-level experimentation?!

This news has just confirmed the fact that we all need to meditate immediately.

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