You will not believe what these University of Texas students are handing out to protest gun laws

Students at the University of Texas went back to school on Wednesday, and things got a little weird. A group on campus set up a protest against a new law that allows students with a concealed carry gun license to carry their guns on campus, which many students find dangerous and scary, given the many recent on-campus shootings.

Students handed out free dildos on campus to protest the new gun law.

The new Texas gun law went into effect August 1st, and it allows any students over the age of 21 with a concealed carry license to carry their guns on campus. What they can’t carry openly on campus is dildos, because sex toys violate state indecency laws. These students find the idea that they can legally carry a gun but not a dildo on campus is a little ridiculous.

“We are fighting absurdity with absurdity,” Jessica Jin the leader of the protest told Huffington Post. “Texas has decided it is not all obnoxious or illegal to allow deadly concealed weapons on campus. But walking around with a dildo could land you in trouble.”

The movement is called “Cocks Not Glocks” and they drew quite a lot of attention.

The hilarity and absurdity of the protest will hopefully shine a light on students’ feelings about guns on campus.

And the awkward feeling a person might get while carrying around dildos in public is part of the point. According to The Guardian, Jin told the crowd that she wore the dildo on her backpack while shopping at Home Depot, and felt really uncomfortable. But she said protesters should “deal with the discomfort, deal with the weird looks – that’s the way we should be treating gun culture.” The protest wants students to feel as uncomfortable and awkward with a gun being carried around in public as they do with a sex toy.

We hope the protest does raise awareness. And on today, the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we love seeing these ladies getting involved in the political discussion. Even if it gets a little weird.

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