You will never believe what Gina Rodriguez said in a college interview (but you might want to try it)

She said what!? In her cover story interview with Marie Claire this month, Gina Rodriguez reveals the crazy thing she said during a college interview. It was definitely a risk. When applying to New York University, she told the interviewer, “I’m going to make it. So either NYU can claim me, or another college can.” She says now of the sass, “Such an asshole. What was I thinking? It was this confidence that my mother and father gave me. Claim your life. Claim what you want.

This had to most definitely shock the New York University interviewer, but it obviously worked in Rodriguez’s favor. Confidence is infectious, and NYU obviously caught Gina-fever quickly. The Jane the Virgin actress is truly an inspiration to all us trying to reach our goals. There are obstacles that are going to be in our way, but we always need to be sure of ourselves and what we want from life. Being headstrong like Gina Rodriguez is definitely a something to strive for.

Gina is an open book in this interview, talking about how she has overcome struggles with self esteem and self acceptance. She told the magazine, “I have vowed to work on loving myself. I want to know that I don’t need another to be full.” She added, “So that whenever another person, an endorsement, or a project comes into play, they are an addition, not filling a need for value or fulfillment or worth or love. Because if I do that, I will forever be hungry.”

We love when actresses can open up about their difficulties, inspiring us to fight our own demons. With all of that confidence and self love, we can’t wait to see what Gina Rodriguez has in store for us in 2017!

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