You might want to snag the Morphe Brushes Copper Dreams brush set before it’s gone

Morphe is one of our favorite brands that we have seen grow over the years. From being featured in loads of YouTube beauty tutorials to receiving a major upgrade to their brick and mortar store, we are so proud! This brand will forever be in our hearts. If only their Copper Dreams brush set would forever be on their shelves! Anyone wanting their own set needs to snag them now before the nightmare of SOLD OUT becomes reality!

The set launched earlier this week, but there is no word of Morphe restocking them yet. At a penny under $40, this ultra-glam collection is a mega value with each brush being around $3! There are 12 makeup brushes in total.

If you haven’t seen the Copper Dreams line yet, these babies are LUXE. If they were a dress, they’d be hanging in every celebrity closet from J.Lo to Beyoncé!

While the handles are the star of the set, the copper finish is actually on the ferrules (the base of the tips), which show off nicely when they’re in a cup! Lucky for us, there’s a matching brush holder case!

In addition to the lush holder, the set includes brushes that are perfect for applying foundation, powder, eyeshadow, contour (hello, chiseled cheeks!), highlighter, and so much more!

Whether you are just buying your first brush set or want a rose gold addition to your life, the Copper Dreams Brush collection is a valuable addition for any makeup lover! Shop the collection, here.