You can’t translate the White House website to Spanish anymore, and people are freaking out

Just minutes following Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States, things began to change. Not just big things, but small things, things we may not have noticed if the people of the internet didn’t start freaking out. Things like the White House website — and nothing about it’s okay. Because when the White House website begins dropping things like the Spanish translation version of, there’s something funky afoot, to say the least.

So here’s what happened: Trump became the president, and it became impossible to access the Spanish version of the White House website.

Under President Obama, you could visit and get a fully translated version of the White House website. Which, like, makes sense, considering that the U.S. has absolutely no official language, and we have a high population of Spanish-speakers who very well may be interested in learning about what their government is up to. Not anymore!

And it’s not the only page that was dropped. Climate change was removed from the White House website completely, along with healthcare, LGBT rights and civil rights.

Yes, really.

Yep, we’re pretty freaked. And so is the Internet.

TBH, this doesn’t bode well. We’re just hopeful that the web pages come back to life as soon as the administration’s tech team decides to prioritize them!