You can take classes at this mermaid school, and finally become Ariel IRL

It’s never too late for childhood dreams to come true — so, if Ariel is your favorite Disney princess, you’re going to want to sit down as you absorb the amazing news that you can attend a mermaid school and learn to swim like an actual mermaid.

The Mermaid Swimming Academy in the Philippines offers a range of “mermaiding” classes that’ll teach you to emulate Ariel in the ocean.

Yes, this involves lessons on how to swim, dive, and flip your fins just like the beloved Disney mermaid.

The classes range from 90 minutes to four hours and, most importantly, you will be provided with your very own tail to wear because the Mermaid Swimming Academy has its priorities in order.

You can start off with Introduction to Mermaid Swimming, then move on to a Mermaid Performer Course where you’ll learn synchronized mermaid moves — this academy is the real deal.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, the Scuba Mermaid class is where it’s at — what could possibly beat diving deep into the depths of the ocean just like Ariel?

And, you can count on getting an A+ Instagram while you’re at the Academy — it offers a 30-minute photo session, complete with instructions on how to work your tail’s best angle.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be scouring the web for flights to the Philippines so I can finally achieve my childhood dream of swimming like Ariel.

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