You can now use Google to check how crowded your fave bar is — in real time!

Barhopping can be a fun activity this time of year, but nothing’s worse than finding that your local neighborhood hangout is filled to capacity. Thankfully, techies are rallying to try and solve this problem.

You can now use Google to see how crowded your favorite bar is, So no more disappointment when you roll up to your favorite hangout only to find it is too crowded to go into!

The Google feature, which is the Popular Times feature within Search and Maps, is a “live preview,” sending you real-time updates to help you estimate how busy various venues are.


So no more venturing out to your favorite neighborhood joints only to find them filled up before you could even enjoy Happy Hour after work.

This feature will especially come in handy now that the holiday season is here, bringing unusually high amounts of traffic to various cities. It will even be including a location summary tool, meant to give you an estimate of exactly how long people are spending in these spots so you can better plan your night.

Way to help give tourists and locals a helping hand to beat the holiday rush, Google!

This feature isn’t exclusive to just bars, either. It can be used for planning your last-minute holiday shopping and avoiding tourist-heavy hot spots in your city. All to help keep your holiday season as stress-free as possible.

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