You can now shop Rent the Runway clothes at your local Neiman Marcus store

If you’ve ever wished you could subscribe to temporary installments of expensive and flattering clothing, you are now in luck because Neiman Marcus and Rent the Runway have teamed up to bring you pop- up clothing stores across the country. Now, when you are perusing the luxurious pieces in your local Neiman Marcus store, you can also peruse the wedding ready styles of Rent the Runway.

For their partnership, there will be several 3,000 square foot areas within the high-end department store across the country, where shoppers will also be able to access a Rent the Runway stylist. Lucky for us fashion junkies, any shopper can go into a Neiman Marcus store and rent any item they want four to eight days!

After you’ve worn your beautiful clothes for the month, you can return them to one of the small Rent the Runway stores in your local Neiman Marcus, and exchange them for a few select new pieces.

Sounds convenient, right?

The collaboration is hinging on the hope that the hip and diverse dress styles of Rent the Runway will draw younger shoppers into the high-end department store.

The very first Rent the Runway pop-up opens at a San Francisco-based Neiman Marcus store on November 18th.

Right now, members who are signed up for the Unlimited subscription pay $139 a month, and they’re able to rent three garments at a time, which they can swap out for other items whenever they want! According to a representative, they will not have the ability to pull items from the department store for their subscription.

We’ll be keeping our ears and eyes peeled because more of their upcoming locations will be announced in 2017!

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