You can now shop every beauty blogger’s fave makeup brand BH Cosmetics at Target

As a part of Target’s long-term plan to dominate the world of retail and exile all of their competition to the far away corners of outer space, one of the many brands touted by beauty bloggers, the Instagram-favorite BH Cosmetics is now available at Target. So now, the throngs of people who think that BH Cosmetics is the best, and the swaths of people addicted to their Target memberships can line their pockets with all manner of eyeshadow palettes and well-priced rouges until the cows come home.

However, before you jump into your minivan and speed to the nearest Target, it’s crucial to know that at this point the store doesn’t have ALL of the BH Cosmetics products available at their stores (or online).

Target’s selection of BH Cosmetics includes a handful of makeup tools, the full Ashley Tisdale Illuminate makeup line, and a few eyeshadow palettes.

We’re hoping they have more on deck that will soon be unleashed to the thirsty masses.

If you’re on a budget, all of the products available are under $22, so you can have your cake and apply its shadows to your face as well.

You can check out the new additions from BH Cosmetics directly on the Target website, to see if your spirit is stirred.

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