You can now build Lego creations on ANY surface in your house using this genius roll of tape

Sure, Legos can be used to create pretty much anything your heart desires. But the classic plastic blocks can be limiting since you’re limited to working on tables and floors (yes, this is a real problem). But now, with this genius new Lego tape, you can build Lego creations anywhere you want to — on your walls, chairs (ouch, don’t do this), literally anywhere. Admit it, it’s super cool.

Here’s how it works: The flexible, bendable tape, made from the studded, “building” side of the Lego equation, can be cut and stuck to any surface. From there, you add Lego blocks, characters, and other bits and pieces to create ~magical~ scenes. Sounds amazing, right? It is.

Oddly, the tape is not an official Lego product, though we’re sure some product director somewhere is wondering why they didn’t think of it first. It’s made by Nimuno Loops, an independent company that started an Indiegogo campaign to fund the “Toy Block Tape.” The company has already way surpassed its goal, so it’s likely you’ll start seeing the tape all over the place soon. You can actually already buy the tape on Nimuno Loops’ Indiegogo page for $11.

Aside from Lego, the tape’s also compatible with “Mega Bloks, Kreo, and most major toy building block systems,” according to the company.

If you’re arts and crafty, you’re probably going to want to stock up. And though some colors are already sold out, Nimuno keeps adding new ones all the time. Plus, you can vote for the ones you want to see on the company’s Indiegogo page.

Here’s how some people are already using it.

The tape was designed by Anine Kirsten and Max Basler, from Cape Town, who created it on their computers in their free time. Once they had the details sorted, they finished the final prototypes in Basler’s garage, with some help from the Chrome Cherry Design Studio. Initially, the two set an $8,000 goal on Indiegogo to start a production on a small batch of the prototype, but the dough quickly came pouring in. As of Saturday, the product had earned more than $1,235,000.

To which we say, OBVIOUSLY.

Again, you can scoop up a roll  from the pair’s fundraising page, and the first rolls are expected to ship around July 17th. So start brainstorming your summer projects now.