Chris Pratt wants to hang out with you, but only for a day

Hey, we haven’t heard from our buddy Chris Pratt in quite a while. Let’s check in with him, and see what he’s up to.


Oh, good. Chris Pratt hasn’t changed one single bit, and don’t plan on him changing anytime soon. The reason he’s been away from our lives (aka social media) is because he’s deep in the heart of the galaxy (aka, a soundstage in Atlanta) filming Guardians of the Galaxy. Production is well underway, and now the film is looking to cast the biggest part of the movie yet: YOU.

Yes, YOU. Partnering with Omaze – with all proceeds going towards the Boys and Girls Club near where Pratt grew up — Pratt is looking to bring one lucky fan to the set for a day, and hang out with him all day.

“So, if you help me help some amazing kids get the resources they need, I promise you’ll get the best day ever with me on set,” Pratt writes on Facebook. “Among other things [we] can: hang out and watch us film, spend one on one time with me, raid the food and candy at craft service, watch me boss people around and make ridiculous demands. I mean, the sky is the limit to the ridiculousness and fun.”

Oh, but that’s not all. You’ll also get to:

Work on some amazing costume designs!


Punch him in the face (while wearing his Star Lord mask)!


Do cool tricks in a golf cart! 


Okay, you’ll really get to do other stuff, and this is just what Pratt’s spitballing off the top of his head. And we love all of it. Celebrities are always auctioning off (for charity) ways to meet them and hang out, and you just know, deep down in your heart, hanging out with Pratt would actually be THE BEST. Think of all the trouble you two would get in to as 24-hour BFFs! Think of the secrets you’ll learn about Peter Quill! THINK ABOUT THE AMAZINGNESS.

Check out all of Pratt’s video below, and even if you don’t win the set visit, there are some pretty awesome things you can snag with a donation to Omaze.