You can buy Hillary Clinton’s power lipstick and feel like a badass every day

Regardless of how you feel about the election results, it’s hard to deny the role that Hillary Clinton has played in women’s empowerment. Though not all women rallied around Clinton in the same way, Clinton gave many women hope for a better future. Even Clinton’s election concession speech was focused on empowering young women and girls. We’re still cheering. And we have something new to cheer about! Because our friends at Refinery29 found where you can buy Hillary Clinton’s power lipstick. Like, TG!

Clearly, Clinton is SO much more than her looks. But it’s undeniable that her signature power look inspired many women.

With her presidential candidacy, Hillary Clinton became a symbol to many women. She was symbolic of empowerment. She was symbolic of hope. She was symbolic of a less sexist, and more inclusive, future. As a result, it was impossible not to take her looks into account.

Women across the country voted in pantsuits to pay homage to Clinton’s struggles as a woman in politics, not because they valued her looks, but because they valued her and what she represents.

People have long been obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s power suits, but we’re also obsessed with her power lipstick. And thanks to Refinery29, we FINALLY know where to buy it.

Top off your Clinton-inspired power suit with her matching power lipstick: Votre Vu Champs-éLIPsée Lip Crayon in Spark, now $19.20.


R29 learned that this is Clinton’s color of choice when she really needs a boost thanks to Clinton’s makeup artist. We can completely see why she turns to this chic, but timeless, color. We’ll definitely be giving this a try!