It’s official: You can adopt a piece of the the planet to celebrate Earth Day

As we speak, a group of intelligent, driven humans are trying their damnedest to get us to Mars, but we’ll always have a major soft spot for our mother planet. We know it better than the others, so why not consider adopting a piece of the Earth to show the heavenly body that serves as home exactly how we feel about it?

While you’ve probably been busy coming up with creative ways to celebrate Earth Month, NASA has an ingenious plan to kick off Earth Day celebrations that might make that piece of space junk you adopted a little jealous.

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So, here’s how it works: Anyone interested in Earth ownership should enter their name into NASA’s Adopt a Planet website. Afterward, you’ll be randomly assigned a 55-mile-wide piece of the Earth (Eek! Sooo exciting!) that comes from the pool of 64,000 virtual pieces NASA made available for adoption. Oh, and don’t worry if you planned to spend all of your Earth Day on shopping ethical fashion brands because adopting a piece of Earth is free.

When it’s official, you’ll receive a personalized certificate that contains the adoption date, an ID number, as well as coordinates and data about your own piece of the planet that comes directly from NASA’s satellites, including measurements like brightness and temperature, carbon monoxide, cloud top height, relative humidity and more.

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Before you start plotting on what you’re going to do with your newly acquired portion of land or water, don’t forget that adoption doesn’t actually grant you any legal rights or ownership.

Still, this is woo hoo-worthy news! If you’re into adopting some Earth to honor our planet, throw on your mixtape for Mother Nature and get pumped while you peruse the remaining available locations on the Adopt the Earth website.