The Internet is obsessed with this Yosemite “Firefall”

While we could wax poetic about the beauty of nature until the cows come home, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it’s as cool as this.

Photographer Sangeeta Dey visited Yosimite with one goal in mind: To see the elusive Horsetail Fall in action. This waterfall has a reputation for annually lighting up like liquid fire during a specific two weeks in February. As the sun sets at a certain angle it shines a gorgeous light onto the water, turning it from clear blue into an electric, almost lava-like orange. Catching it in action is extremely rare, which is why this photo Sangeeta posted to Instagram has pretty much broken the Internet:

As Sangeeta explains, the sight is so remarkable that it moves people to tears. We’re not surprised. If we can’t look away from the photo, then just imagine getting a glimpse of it in real life!