Here’s why some women have started booking vagina massages

When you first hear the phrase “vagina massage,” it might not conjure up the idea of what it actually is. First of all, it doesn’t have (that much) to do with sex or foreplay. It’s actually a form of massage… for your vagina, and it happens outside of the bedroom. It’s also becoming increasingly popular.

Vaginal massage, also referred to as a yoni massage, is basically massage therapy on or near the vagina or other erogenous zones, including breasts, that can help you get more comfortable with their sexuality. The massage includes touching, deep-breathing, stretching of the hip flexors, touching and massaging of the vulva, and if the client is willing, it can even include finger penetration by your masseuse. The goal isn’t orgasm, of course, although that can happen. The process is about releasing tension and becoming more comfortable with touch.

Isis Phoenix, a somatic sexologist specializing in yoni massage, spoke to Women’s Health about this interesting approach to sexuality. “A yoni massage is a ceremony where a woman is invited to seize touch on her vulva,” she said. “When we invite touch, there’s opportunity to cleanse a sense of energy.” She also pointed out that yoni is sanskrit for the word vulva and means “sacred portal” or “sacred cave,” and that at its core, yoni massage is a form of therapy that invites you to honor your vagina, teaching you to approach it with love and respect.

The practice can appeal to any woman, but is especially therapeutic for those dealing with trauma. However, it also helps you get more in tune with your vagina, including what feels good and what doesn’t, which eventually helps lead to a hotter sex life. “The biggest benefit is that they feel a sense of embodied wisdom of what gives them pleasure,” said Phoenix. “It can go as far as women want it to go. She may just want her yoni held.” She also said it’s good practice to discuss your boundaries and comfort level with your masseuse beforehand.

Several gynecologists also agree with the practice, since it helps you get to know your body better. Unfortunately, a yoni massage is not cheap, costing around $300, which can seem steep if you’re already pretty comfortable with your vagina. You should definitely also avoid any yoni massages that incorporate the use of herbs or essential oils on or near your vagina, as they can upset the delicate pH of that area.