8 yoga poses that are guaranteed to improve your sex life

It’s not exactly a major holiday, but International Day of Yoga, June 21st, is good enough an excuse to celebrate all the things we love most about yoga. One thing every brand new yogi wants to know is whether yoga can improve your sex life.

The short answer is, yes, yoga can definitely have a positive influence on your sex life.

We see you reaching for your mat already, but before you sign up for that Vinyasa class, let’s go over which yoga poses will help you achieve sexual nirvana. There are a few in particular that will undoubtedly increase your hip flexibility, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and enhance your cardiovascular endurance—all of which will contribute to a robust sex life. Happy International Day of Yoga, indeed.

Here are eight yoga poses that will heat up your sex life.

1Downward Facing Dog

This inverted V is the meat and potatoes of yoga. You’ll always come back to this pose when you’re doing a flow, and for good reason. It stretches out your lower back, strengthens your shoulder girdle, and creates more flexibility in your spine. Besides, just look at it. It’s a sex position in and of itself.

2Bound Angle Pose

This posture may not look particularly difficult, but it’s an intense stretch for your groin and inner hips. You’ll increase the blood flow in your pelvic region and gain more flexibility in your whole hip region, meaning you’ll find more satisfying movement the next time you’re navigating a new sex pose with your S.O.

3Eagle Pose

You temporarily cut off the circulation of blood flow to your groin when you do this posture, which means when you release, you’ve got a fresh batch of oxygen-rich blood rushing into your pelvic region. It’s also a tough balance posture that requires your full attention and energy. This will teach you patience and reduce stress, so you’ll be ready for a long, sweaty makeout sesh (or more).

4Camel Pose

This is a fantastic backbend to open up your chest and heart region. It activates the central nervous system and rushes your head with all kinds of happy chemicals. You’ll be much more comfortable in your own skin and ready for the vulnerability required to have amazing sex.

5Child’s Pose

Ah, good ol’ child’s pose. You come back to this yoga pose when you need to rest or when you just want to feel nurtured and comfortable. It’s a posture used to bring relief to your lower back and gently open up your hips. Stay in this pose for two straight minutes and you’ll feel so relaxed and bendy that you won’t want to do anything else but climb into bed and, well, you know…

6Goddess Pose

Meet the ultimate hip opener and thigh strengthener. You probably despise this pose when you run into it in your yoga class, and that’s because it’s a difficult move that takes a lot of concentration. But the payoff is big here for your pelvic floor, because you’ll walk out with a lot of energy in your lower body.

7Bridge Pose

Holding this posture requires you to have awareness of your lower body and toned pelvic floor muscles. This posture is a slight inversion, so you get some blood flow going that you just can’t get when you’re standing upright. All that flexibility you gain in your hips will take you a long way in your sex life.

8Cat and Cow Pose

This yoga move keeps your spine supple and strengthens your Kegel muscles, so you might want to take some extra time to go through these postures. The more you tighten your pelvic floor muscles, the more easily you can control and maintain orgasms. And just like downward facing dog, this yoga pose clearly has its place in the bedroom. Enjoy!

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