“Yoga” Jones Will Blow Your Mind

She was the pickle in his coleslaw. She was the sugar in his tea. She was the relish on his hot dog. And now she’s a jail-bound yogi!

Patti Mayonnaise (from Doug, duh) is Erica “Yoga” Jones (from Orange is the New Black) is Constance Shulman (real name). Mind. Blown. As soon as we were introduced to the soft-spoken Zen master of the New York State big house, I couldn’t fight the feeling that there was something SUPER familiar about Yoga Jones. After a few episodes, I shrugged off my hunch and went back to wringing my hands as Piper contin —


Of course she seemed familiar! I only spent my entire adolescence with the woman. Shulman voiced the object of Doug Funnie’s affections through the entire run of the show (on Nickelodeon from 1991-1994 and on Disney from 1996-1999), as well as in the 1999 feature film, Doug’s First Movie. 

Shulman slinked through Hollywood with a handful of other roles (Sweet and Lowdown, Fried Green Tomatoes, Weekend at Bernie’s II, The Faculty) before landing on Netflix’s newest original series as the prison’s local yoga teacher. According to the show’s creator, Jenji Kohan, we’ll get a better look into Yoga’s past in the second season (the show was renewed before the first season even aired, btw).

Now go dust off that Beets c.d., settle down with a Honker Burger and watch Patti Mayonnaise get her namaste on behind bars.

Featured image via Huffington Post

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