Yikes! There’s apparently one place in the U.S. where you could literally get away with murder

Today in disturbing news, there’s apparently one place in the U.S. where you could literally get away with murder. Yes! Just like the show! As we know, Yellowstone National Park is mostly in Wyoming, though it extends into Montana and Idaho for about 50 miles. This is known as the “Zone of Death.” If you’re freaked out about it, trust, you’re not alone! What this means is, if someone were to commit a serious crime, like murder, in this grey area, there’s a weird loophole. Maybe, possibly, the guilty party could get away with murder and yes, those are our collective screams you hear!

Yellowstone was founded in 1872 before the union of the states. Even though it’s federal land, each has its own district for which the court would intervene — except Yellowstone. The way state lines are drawn on a map reveals the gap where all this nonsense could potentially take place. Technically, if the crime is committed in that 50-square-mile radius gray area, yes, you’d be taken by law enforcement into custody, but they’d trek all the way to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

This is where the law gets super fuzzy. Essentially, the jury has to be from the state and district where the crime took place. So, if the grey area belongs to no one in particular, see the issue?

There’s also a clause in our law that regulates the vicinity from which a jury can be selected so if you commit a crime in Idaho, and it overlaps with the place you committed said crime, there should be a middle ground where a jury can form. The problem with this is, the “Zone of Death” has no residents, meaning there would be no trial and you’d be free to go.

Of course, there’s a simple solution which is explained in the video below but just in case those district lines aren’t redrawn in the near future (to close the loophole), maybe stay away from the “Zone of Death!”


If you didn’t start your day with a solid dose of chills, here you go. You’re welcome!

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