Yet another “Hamilton” alum is heading to the movies

As the original Hamilton theater cast slowly bows out (with 11 Tonys in their care, no less), it’s been interesting to see what projects they’re taking on next. Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has done songs for Disney’s Star Wars and Moana and also did a guest rap for a JLo song; Philippa Soo is taking on Amélie on Broadway; Renée Elise Goldsberry is headed to a Netflix original series; Leslie Odom Jr. is taking on performing outside of Broadway. But what of Daveed Diggs, the magnetic, charismatic heartbreaker whose turns as French revolutionary Lafayette and presidential scumbag Thomas Jefferson netted him a Tony and endless adoration? (I, uh, like him.) We knew he was going to be on ABC show Black-ish and in a new HBO mockumentary with Andy Samberg, and he released an album with his hip-hop group clipping., but now there’s this — he’s signed on to Wonder, a children’s film starring none other than Room‘s Jacob Tremblay.

Wonder is an adaptation of a popular children’s book by R.J. Palacio, about a boy named Auggie Pullman entering school after being homeschooled for years because of his facial deformity. Tremblay is playing Pullman, and Diggs is playing his English teacher, Mr. Browne. The Stephen Chbosky-directed (yes, that Stephen Chbosky) film will also star Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as the Pullman parents. We can feel tears preemptively rising to our eyes.

While it doesn’t seem like the role definitely has rapping built into it, we hope that Chbosky can find some way to subtly fold it in. Maybe there can be a class segment on musical lyricism? Maybe Mr. Browne can have a rap career side gig, as Diggs himself did? Whatever the case, we’re thrilled to see Hamilton‘s stars making waves and taking names post-show. Here’s to seeing talented folks, especially these ones, continue to shine on and inspire even more people.