All the yes: Topshop is launching a foundation line for brown skin

There’s nothing more frustrating than a makeup line that doesn’t have brown shades.

Yeah, it’s still a thing.


Clearly Topshop knows what’s up and have taken another major leap in their beauty offering. Their latest foundation includes shades that range from fair to deep. Meet their newest release, the Air Cushion Skin Perfector.

If you’re into Korean beauty, you’re familiar with the brilliance (and utter convenience) of cushion compacts. They’re pretty much a makeup-soaked sponge in a compact that you apply with a cotton round or puff. They tend to be on the sheerer side, but can be layered for more coverage. Cushion compacts are notoriously difficult to find in shades of brown, so this is a pretty big deal.

According to Huffpost UK, Model Leomie Anderson is one of the influencers promoting the Air Cushion Skin Perfector and they couldn’t have found a better representative. Last year Leomie took to Twitter to express her frustrations over so-called makeup artists who are unprepared to work on black models. (If you’re black and have ever gotten your makeup professionally done, you know the tea.)

Watch Leomie try out the Air Cushion Skin Perfector in the video below.

As of now, the full range is available in the UK and Leomie’s shade (6.0) is the only one available on the US site. We’re pretty sure the full collection will make its way over to the states sooner than later so stay tuned.