Yes, I Called a Psychic Hotline

When the opportunity to receive a psychic reading from Hollywood Psychics came up, I jumped at the chance. Actually, no, I didn’t jump. I straight up leapt. After all, psychics and I go way back. It all started when I got my palm read at a street fair when I was nine years old. Ever since then, I’ve been pretty obsessed.

But why exactly am I so into psychics? I absolutely hate spoilers of any kind. Plus, in that very first experience with the palm reader, she told me I’d marry a tall and handsome man in my late 20s. Yet here I am, 29 years old and there’s no tall and handsome man in my life. There’s not even a short and unattractive one. And that psychic’s not the only psychic who’s been off. I’ve been told I’d become a teacher (I’m not), meet my future husband on my next trip to Las Vegas (I didn’t and ew) and that I’d marry the guy I was seeing at the time (he dumped me a week later).

I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “JEANNE! Get a new hobby and stop wasting your time with all these psychics!” But here’s thing: I still truly believe others possess psychic abilities and therefore, I can’t help but be curious. Besides, even though I’ve heard some inaccurate predictions over the years, there have been times of pure and total clairvoyance. Sure, nothing life altering or too prophetic, but a few psychics have gotten things right.

However, for all the psychics I’ve talked to in my life, I’d never called a psychic hotline. There’s no denying that they have a bit of a stigma about them. I always think about Lelaina, Winona Ryder’s character in Reality Bites, who spends an entire night talking, or rather, commiserating with a psychic from a 1-900 number. She ends up none the wiser, even sadder than before and $406 poorer.

So while I was excited to take part in one of my favorite activities, I was also a tad skeptical about calling a psychic on the phone. For starters, I hate talking on the phone. Please text me. And second off, what’s to say the psychic didn’t Google me before we started chatting? But as soon as I got on the phone with Wendy, a forty year psychic veteran, she assured me the call was both private and anonymous. Those who call Hollywood Psychics are not Googled prior to or during the reading. Whoa, Wendy’s either super psychic or I’m not the only one with the Googling concern.

Wendy asked for my birthday. Ooh, yes astrology! I love astrology. But actually, Wendy was going to use numerology. Surprisingly, I’d never had a psychic do that on me before. Tarot cards, crystals, palms, sure. But numerology, that was something new. Wendy told me that I’m currently in a year Six. Fortunately, this means it should be a better year than the previous year Five. In numerology, the number Five means variety, and while it has its boons, it also means unexpected changes. She explained that a year Five can often be like a roller coaster. Before Wendy could continue with whatever she was going to say next, I interrupted her and said that was all totally true. Age 28 had been a bumpy ride. She told me that year Six should be more calming (thank goodness). It is in this year that I should focus on what I need in life. And not on what I don’t need. Oh, positive thinking. That’s always easier said than done.

Now I don’t want to fully share all of the details that Wendy predicted for me. Not only do I believe in psychic abilities, I also believe in jinxing things. Of course, if any of the things she said were to come true, I’d be very happy. After asking about love and professional things, my final question for Wendy was one that I was sort of embarrassed to even ask. I asked her about my Fantasy Football team. Wendy laughed and told me that wasn’t an embarrassing question at all. To her, there are no dumb questions. And really, Wendy told me, she’s been asked everything.

Being on the phone with Wendy was like having brunch with a friend – albeit a psychic friend, but still. I seriously could’ve talked to her for hours (which is weird considering my previously mentioned hatred for talking on the phone). And that’s when I realized the true allure of psychic hotlines. They’re not just around for you to call to find out when and where you’ll meet your soulmate. But they’re also a place to go to if you’re having a bad day. As Wendy mentioned, one could try to book a therapy session and then have to wait a while for an appointment. Yet, you could call a hotline and get immediate psychic advice. It’s an instant form of healing. Sometimes you just want to hear that things will get better and that there’s hope on the horizon.

I suppose we’ll have to see if Wendy’s predictions come true. But let’s be real, even if they don’t, we all know I’ll be back for more. Now that’s something you don’t need to be a psychic to predict.

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