Here’s what Evan Peters has to say about his red hair for “American Horror Story”

Have you ever been asked to dye your hair for one reason or another, and you can’t help but ask “Why?” and whoever is asking (forcing) you to dye your hair is like, “IT’S A SECRET!”

It’s probably not something that happens all the time, but it just recently happened to American Horror Story star Evan Peters. For the upcoming Season 6, he was asked to dye his hair red. For…~reasons~. What are those reasons? Peters has no idea!!

But hey, at least we now know ONE THING about Season 6: Peters is rocking some firey locks.

In a brand new interview with The Wrap, Peters fidgets through an interview about the upcoming season. He’s asked questions about the theme, the title of the season, what character he’s playing, EVERYTHING about AHS Season 6. For all of them he answers simply:

“I don’t know.”

“They don’t tell me anything,” he explains, giving us his best poker face. “I’m on the show, but I don’t know much.”

When asked if his new red hair is for the upcoming season, that’s the only time he offers up a firm answer. YES.

“I’m trying to figure out if I cay say [it],” He squirms. “Yeah. I didn’t do this to my hair.”

Truth, Peters probably knows a lot more than he’s letting on. But this is not his first AHS rodeo. He knows we’re hungry for answers to our thousands of questions about Season 6, but he’s not letting anything slip. When he says “I don’t know,” he clearly DOES know, but he’s not going to share it with us. Not yet.

But back to this red hair, because that raises SO many more questions. The red hair is clearly a choice for his character…but WHY? There’s a pretty good AHS rumor out there right now that Peters will actually be playing the “monster” this season, but then his red hair makes NO sense.

Or maybe it makes complete sense. We’re tangled in a web of AHS truths and lies right now, and we’ll finally start getting answers on September 14th. You can check out the full video from The Wrap below and IDK…how to feel about all of this.