Yes donut cereal is real, you can make it at home, AND it’s vegan

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s hard not to find ways to make everything in your life feel festive. Some are even making breakfast into a fun holiday affair. And in the spirit of fun breakfast options, we discovered a magical cereal that may change your life.

It’s not specifically holiday-themed, but because this delicacy is homemade, it’s perfect for a special occasion. Donut Cereal made by Sam of So Beautifully Real, a vegan blog and bakery, may be the answer to all your breakfast dreams.

This Donut Cereal is gorgeous, looks delicious, and it’s 100% vegan. So basically, it totally wins breakfast.

WOW! That looks so good, and we can’t believe that it’s vegan. But we don’t have to believe, because Sam provides the recipe. That means we can make it ourselves!

The ingredients are actually pretty simple — almonds, oats, maple syrup. The only thing unusual is the date paste, which she explains above. But if you’re familiar with many vegan desserts, you know that date paste is a very common ingredient.

Our mouths are officially watering, and we’d like five bowls please.

Turns out, Sam is known for her vegan delights. Check out some of her other delicious options.

Okay, now we’re super hungry for delicious vegan treats.

BRB, whipping up a quick batch of delicious donut cereal.

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