YES: DJ Khaled Snapchatted his son’s birth — while playing his own music #MajorKey

They don’t want you to Snapchat your son’s birth so you know what we are gonna do? Snapchat, Instagram AND play your own music during your son’s birth! If you’re an avid follower of DJ Khaled (#FANLUV) then you know that he has been very ecstatic about his longtime girlfriend Nicole Tuck being pregnant. Yesterday, along with the entire world, DJ Khaled posted his baby’s birth on Snapchat and Instagram, allowing followers get regular updates from the delivery room.

This should not be that big of a surprise though: Back in June, Khaled appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and said that he wanted to Snapchat his child’s birth.

The snaps were pretty epic:

OMG, he’s really doing it.

And bam! Baby time:

As expected, some people believe that Khaled should not have shared the private moment for all the world to see. But in our opinion, we love that Khaled is so open with his life! If you get down to the root of what he’s doing, he is truly controlling his own narrative. Instead of letting the media tell his story, he is doing it on his own terms. Also it is adorable that he has been so loving and vocal about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. If he wasn’t, people would say he was disinterested and focused on fame.

Now, yes, all woman can attest, if you’ve had a baby or not, there is no way most of us would want a camera in our faces while giving birth. But what is the difference between him videotaping the event for a home video or a camera crew for a reality television show. As far as playing his own music during the birth, Khaled is all about securing the bag! #SpecialClothTalk

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