YES! Caramel M&M’s are officially a thing — here’s when you can get them

Attention, candy enthusiasts: We consider it our duty to keep you updated on the latest and greatest of stuff that satiates your sweet tooth, so we are delighted to inform you of the existence of the new Caramel M&M’s flavor. As reported by Uproxx, your candy-manufacturing faves are keeping it fresh for ya so prepare to tickle your taste buds’ fancy with some of the delicious new treats when they hit store shelves in May 2017.

We know — that’s an insanely long time to wait for some new candy. By then, won’t we be chock full of other sweet stuff like macarons that look like poop emojis or McDonald’s pumpkin spice lattes? Meh, probably, but will that stop us from gobbling these new Caramel M&M’s by the handful? NOT IN THIS LIFETIME.


Aside from the fact that they’re chocolate, the new M&M’s are even more enticing because they’re not seasonal. That’s right: They’re a permanent addition to Mars’ current lineup of candies  and judging by the enthusiastic reactions from the lucky editors at People who sampled the caramel flavor, they’re destined to become a fan favorite.

Look at this magic:


Yum. We’re officially adding these to our list of reasons why 2016 can’t end fast enough.