Why yes, we are buying these ON-POINT welcome mats on a Friday

It’s Friday, we worked hard this week, and now? We want to treat ourselves to something cute and random. In other words, we’re searching the furthest corners of Etsy for a super fun purchase that will help us kick off the weekend right. As for what we came across

It’s pretty darn special:


ShopJosieB is an Etsy store that’s made us realize just how creative our doormats should be.


Halloween may be two months away, but we already want this Hocus Pocus-inspired doormat for all. year. long.


If you hate decorating your house for Halloween, consider simplifying your decoration process by only putting this baby on your front porch:


Yeah, we’re gonna need to buy this one in bulk:


We might not be going shopping, but there are snacks and wine inside!




And last, but certainly not least, we have the mat that put this store on the map:


We never thought we’d say this, but we’re totally cool with paying $35+ for doormats as creative as the above. If you’re on board, you can find these beauties here.